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Our Mission Statement


"Our purpose is to learn and follow the discipline of Christ that we may become disciples who will inform the world of His saving grace"



Sunday School-------------9:30 a.m.
Sunday Service-------------10:30 a.m.
Wednesday Bible Study------6:30 p.m.

  • What We Believe

    As Christians, we believe in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior who was conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary.  Only threw Him can we get to heaven and be in His Glory.  He died on the cross for our sins so that we could have everlasting life; thus we believe in being "born again" or "saved" by confessing our sins, believing that God raised Jesus from the dead, and accepting Jesus in our life.


     Luke 1:26-35,  John 1:14-16,  Isaiah 7:14,  John 3:16,  Mathew 3:16-17;26:63-64


    We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and it is through the Word that we learn, study, and develop a relationship with Christ Jesus.


    2 Timothy 3:16



    For more visit our Faith page.


    To God be the glory for the things He has done. Hello, I greet you in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. The work we have set our hands to do is to see clearly the vision God has set before us to perfectly understand God's word, will, and purpose by having an intimate relationship with "The Word" His Son "The Divine Logos", by receiving a Rhema  (utterance) from The Spirit (The Paraclete); to become true disciples of Christ.


    There are many who are burdened by weights of pain because of  loneliness, grief, sickness, addition and guilt. We’d like say to people like these and many others who suffer that there really is a way out of your distress and sorrow.  It’s not religion, church membership, nor good moral values, but it is a personal relationship with Jesus. We want to say to those who feel that they’re down and out for the count that Jesus wants to get personal with you. He’s willing to come right where you are, no matter how deep the hole, and lift you above your burdens. “He’s right where you are” just call on Him and He will answer.


    It is our goal to go into the hedges and the highways, to our cities, state and country, and to the world to tell as many who will hear, that God loves them and he cared so much that he sent His Son Jesus to rescue us from our sins. There is  Hope.


    To those of you who may be searching for a church fellowship, growth through in-depth verse-by-verse study of God's word and expository preaching, while being lead of the Lord feel free to visit with us .We are a growing congregation who gather with an “Attitude of Gratitude” with emphasis on praise and worship. There is a place for the young and the young at heart, from toddlers to seasoned saints. We have various programs in place to nurture spiritual growth and are committed to implementing others to help promote holistic healing and holy direction for our daily and spiritual lives.


    For those who visit this site and you have a prayer request, please e-mail us with your request it will remain confidential unless you specify otherwise.


    Pastor Odell Burns

    May God bless each of you as you look to “Jesus the author and finisher of our faith” Keep Looking Up.



  • Church Directory

    Reverend Odell Burns, Pastor
    Minister Angela Burns, First Lady

    Deacon John Scott

    Minister Joyce Burns
    Director of Associate Ministers

    James Johnson

    Chairman Deacon

    Larry Merriweather

    Trustee President

    Stanley Johnson
    Minister of Music

    Deacon Charlie and Glenda Scott
    Christian Education Leaders

    Deacon O.C. Wardlaw
    Finance Chairman

    Minister Anne Merriweather
    Church Clerk

  • Deacons


    James Johnson









    Charlie Scott
    Christian Education








    John Scott
    Church Administrator








    O.C. Wardlaw
    Finance Chairmen

    Leonard Merriweather


    James Blanding


    Emanuel Scott


    David Blanding


  • Ministers

    Reverend Odell Burns, Pastor
    Minister Angela Burns, First Lady

    Minister Joyce Burns
    Director of Associate Ministers


    Sammy Burns


    Kenta Cowan


    Nikita Cowan


    Bradley Fowler


    Bobby Johnson


    Nick Johnson


    Tecora Johnson


    Willie Johnson


    Anne Merriweather


    Timothy Merriweather


    LaNell Rollins


    Linda Sullivan


    Sharon Thomas





  • Trustees

    Larry Merriweather


    Ernest Powerll

    Vice President


    Brenda Thompson



    Ronnie Anderson



    Adger Blanding


    Cecil Brownlee


    Olin Johnson Jr.


    Otto Johnson


    Bobby Scott


    James Scott


    Jimmy Scott


    Woodrow Scott


  • History

    The church was organized in 1873 under a Brush Arbor, on the opposite side of the road from where the church now stands.  It was organized by Brother David James, a member of Hopewell Church (white), Brother Jim Martin, and Brother Shedrick Taylor, a member of Mt. Able.  After meeting there for some months the service was moved to the local schoolhouse.


    The first church built was a log cabin and was built under the leadership of Rev. John Smith, who served from 1873-1876.  The deacons for the first church were Deacon James Martin, Deacon David James, and Deacon Shedrick Taylor.  Worship Services were held once per month, on the 3rd Sunday. The offering for the first service in the new church was $5.20.


    A few years later a second church was started, a weatherboarding structure.  This church was not completed and after years of advancement in the construction arena, it was decided to rebuild instead of completing.  In August of 1912 the 3rd church construction began.  The carpenters came on the grounds at 8:55.  They began work at 9:20 a.m.  The first nail was driven by Brother Frank Turner.  Other carpenters present were Brother Golden Jones, Brother Marion Gilliard, Brother G.M. Brown.  The deacons appointed from 1873-1912 were Deacon James Martin, Deacon David James, Deacon Shedric Taylor, Deacon George Williams, Deacon George Gilliard, Deacon George Wardlaw, Deacon Barry Gilliard, Deacon Linzie Thompson, Deacon Clark Guyton, Deacon Robert Mack, Deacon George Webb, Deacon S.M. Tucker, Deacon S.M. Mance, Deacon Will Owens, Deacon S. Thompson, Deacon J.C. Johnson, Deacon John Cunningham, Deacon W.M. Brown, Deacon C.R. Smith, Deacon perry Acker, Deacon Sylvester Mance, Deacon John Thompson, Deacon S.M Gilliard, Deacon Richard Williams, Deacon John Tucker.  Clerks during this same time frame were Brother Charley Robinson, Brother George Williams, Brother Clark Guyton, Brother John Gambrell, Brother Dock Glover, Brother James Green, Brother L.A. Hicks, Brother Randall Wilson, and Brother J.C., Johnson.


    The fourth church was built under the leadership of Rev. S.M Glover.  Deacons added under his leadership were Deacon Alf Hicks, Rev. W.M. Brown, Deacon Sam Tucker, Deacon Steward Thomposn, Deacon Frank McDowell, Deacon Roscoe Butler Jr., Deacon Oren Mauldin, Deacon W.H. Gilliard, Deacon John Watson, Deacon Nepoleon Johnson, Rev. Olin Johnson, Deacon John Robert Pickens, Deacon Jone Blanding, Deacon Leonard Merriweather.  Some of the Missionary Presidents were Sister Hannah Butler, Sister Katie Butler, Sister Ada Mance.  The Missionary Society was broken down into circles during this era.  Circle presidents were Sister Lucy Johnson and Sister Miriam Scott Jones, Sister Vera Scott was the president of the Society, which included the two circles.  Some of the clerks were Mr. Richard Blanding Jr., Brother Emanuel Scott, Sister Annie Lois Mance, Sister Miriam Scott Jones.  The fellowship Hall was added under the leadership of Rev. Hubert Cuyler.  Rev. Olin Johnson was licensed to preach.  The following Deacons were added: Deacon Bennie Blanding, Deacon Emanuel Scott, Deacon Charlie Scott, Deacon James Johnson, Deacon Bobby Johnson.  Clerks were Sister Miriam Jones and Sister Glenda Scott.  The Trustee board including the following Brother Woodrow Scott, Chairman, Brother Adger Blanding, Brother Clarence Gambrell, Brother David Gambrell, Brother Otto Johnson, Brother O.C. Wardlaw, Brother Frank Wardlaw and Brother John Ed. Pickens.  The musicians were Sister Thelma shell and Brother Louis Rainey.  Missionary Presidents remained the same.  The Deaconess president was Sister Elizabeth Merriweather.  Deacon Vim Mance was installed under the leadership of Rev. Eddie J. Davis Trustees added were Brother John Scott and Brother James Scott.  sister Miriam Scott was Deaconess & Trustee Wives President.  Today our church is under the leadership of Rev. Odell Burns.  Under this leadership the following deacons were installed:  Deacon John Scott, Deacon O.C Wardlaw, James Johnson, Leonard Merriweather, Charlie Scott, James Blanding, Emanuel Scott, and David Blanding.  The following Trustees were added:  Brother Larry Merriweather, Brother Bobby Scott, Brother Jimmy Scott, Brother Olin Johnson Jr., Brother D.S rice, Brother Willie Johnson, Brother Ernest Powell, Brother Cecil Brownlee, Brother James Scott, Brother Ronnie Anderson, Brother Adger Blanding, Brother Woodrow Scott, Brother Bobby Scott, and the first lady to this board; Sister Brenda Thompson.


    Missionary Presidents Sister Vera Scott, Sister Thelma Shell and sister Angela Burns.  Deaconess and Trustee Wives presidents were Sister Miriam Jones, Sister Glenda Scott, Sister Joann Scott.  Evergreen's first Minister of Music was Brother Louis Rainey.  Minster licensed to preach:  Rev.   Bradley Fowler, Rev. Kenneth Simpson, Rev. Fred Miller, Rev Johnny Merriweather, and the first lady licensed to preach at this church was the late Minister Patricia Griffin.  Ministers to follow:  Rev. Bobby Johnson, Rev. Angela Burns, Rev. Willie Johnson, Rev.  Alvin M. Williams, Minister Linda Sullivan, Rev.  Sammy Burns, Rev.  Sharon Thomas, Rev. Leon Scott, Tecora Johnson, Rev. David Burns, Rev. Nick Johnson, Rev. Krystal Gambrell, Rev. Eugene Parker, Rev.Emil Caldwell, Rev Ann Merriweather, Rev Timothy Merriweather was ordained under Rev. Odell Burns.


    The fifth church was built under the leadership of Rev. Odell Burns.  and was entered into on September 11, 2005. View Dedication Page


    We thank God for the many years of blessings.  Our church has out grown the building our Ancestors worked so hard to provide for us.  Our prayer is that God will bless the next generations to out grow the building we are preparing for them.



    Pastors of Evergreen Baptist Church

    1873-1876   Rev.  John Smith

    1876-1878   Rev.   A. Walker

    1878-1883   Rev.  Bob Simmons

    1883-1884   Rev.  Dan Busse

    1885-1888   Rev.  A. Walker

    1889-1890   Rev.  A.B. Lewis

    1891-1892   Rev.  P. Thompson

    1892-1893   Rev.  Milton Lindsay

    1894-1895   Rev.  Robert Hagood

    1895-1903   Rev.  S.J. Jones

    1904-1906   Rev.  R.F. Fox

    1906-1907   Rev.  J.A. Watson

    1908-1911   Rev.  S.H. Watkins

    1911-1914   Rev.  D.W. Williams

    1915-1916   Rev.  S.J. Jones

    1917-1944   Rev.  H.L. Zimmerman

    1944-1972   Rev.  S.M. Glover

    1973-1976   Rev.  Raymond Dean

    1976-1982   Rev.  Hubert Cuyler

    1982-1987   Rev.  Eddie Davis

    1987-Present   Rev.  Odell Burns





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